About Us


Results Realty is a Kansas owned and operated Real Estate Company – Our roots and our branches are here in Kansas. Our agents are all born and raised here in Kansas. We take a great deal of pride in the fact that we are a family owned company that was started the old fashioned way; from the ground up.

Experience. Results Realty has decades of combined knowledge and experience in the field. Experience navigating complex transactions, negotiations and zoning requirements. Our agents’ specialty is in rural properties, knowledge of water wells, waste disposal systems, mineral rights – just to name a few of the situations that must be understood and addressed.

Our staff is committed to make a real difference for our clients and we genuinely care about the people we serve. Our clients depend on us to be approachable and interested in their objectives. From the first phone call to the closing table, we will partner with you through the whole process. We return every phone call and answer every e-mail. We truly care about our clients’ needs and we enjoy developing sound solutions to address them.

We take the land market we serve seriously. Results Realty continually invests in our clients in the form of education, experience, and advertising venues that best fit our clients’ needs.

We have worked hard over the years and through hundreds of client engagements to create shared knowledge that is uncommon in our profession. Regardless of the challenges our clients face, someone in our firm will have an answer, or knows where to find it quickly.

Our goal is to improve the interests of those we serve. Our clients have come to expect real value through improved marketing, exceptional service and knowledge from the time of listing to the closing table. We work with our clients to identify the outcomes we expect and then work diligently until we’ve accomplished them. Our success is defined by yours.

Nothing else matters without integrity. Our agents take Fiduciary Duty very seriously. Conversations with us and confidential information shared with us stays that way. This is at the core of what our agents provide their clients. We look out for the client’s best interest – no matter what.


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