Exclusive Seller Representation

When you work with an agent in a real estate transaction, you’re either a client or a customer of that agent. There is a difference, and it’s important.

client has a brokerage relationship with a Realtor®: The client has signed a contract and is legally represented by that Realtor® and the Realtor®’s brokerage. Every other person who’s party to that transaction is considered a customer of that Realtor®. The Realtor®’s primary fiduciary responsibility is to the client.

In real estate transactions, there are two main types of representation; Buyer CLICK HERE to learn more about Buyer Representation and Seller:

  • Seller representation: If you are selling a property and enter a brokerage agreement with a Realtor®, that Realtor® and their firm become your representative during that specific transaction. They are legally obligated to represent you and your financial interests as a seller.

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