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Results Realty is one of the very few companies accomplished in getting the job done in both Private List and Auction Sales. Nearly all companies selling at auction will recommend nothing but auction this may be at your expense. Results has sold thousands and thousands of acres at auction, and with great success for our clients, however, we have also sold thousands and thousands of acres private list as well.

No property is exactly the same, I can say this about a sure thing with auctions at this point in time is any tillable acres, dryland and irrigated. The ag economy has been absolutely great and the land market reflects this, auctions have been the way to go. However, what about if you have a property with special features that may not be looked at as an asset to the farming world? Perhaps you have spent a great deal of time and money developing ponds, marshes, food plots for hunting, special dirt work for dams, dikes, levies to put water where you want it. These are items that may not sell as well at auction and require more attention to detail and working with a buyer who may be out of area and needs time to get all his details worked out. These types of situations need a bit more finesse to get the deal done, and some of the out of area buyers are not accustomed to auctions and will not participate. With all of this said, Results doe sell land for our clients both ways, here is what we offer:

Private List-Seller enters into an agreement or listing, we as your sellers agent will prepare comparable sales data to establish what fair market value is at that point and time. Your Results agent will take a multitude of pictures, video, gather all data, FSA data, FEMA maps, Websoil Survey, Google Earth, Mapping, Taxes, order a title binder and compile all of the pertinent data for a complete information binder that is made available to buyers both hard copy or digitally through our website, Results will market your property on over 800 land specific websites, place ads in pertinent print medias, place a sign on your property, and work our network of buyers. We will take the offers, present the offers to you, discuss the good, and the bad of the offer, negotiate on your behalf and communicate with the buyer. Once we have worked out a suitable price and terms, Results will professionally prepare a sales contract outlining all pertinent terms and conditions of the sale. Proper contract preparation is so vital, we address tenancy, crops, water, minerals, possession, all things that must be done correct. Results agents will handle all the paperwork, order the final policy for title work, work with the title company to execute your 1031 exchange, in short, Results agents will take care of all details and make your transaction as seamless as possible for you.

Auction Sales- Results Agents will again provide you with comparable sales data as to what to expect from your sale. Results will gather all data needed, pictures, video, FSA data, FEMA maps, Websoil Survey, Google Earth Mapping, Taxes, order a title binder and compile all of the pertinent data for a complete information binder that is made available both hard copy and digitally on Results will prepare a sale bill, place your property on over 800 land specific websites, place ads in pertinent print medias specific to your location, put a custom sign on your property, direct mail sale bills to our list (please call to discuss mailing as it is proprietary). We conduct a professional straight forward sale. All terms and conditions of the sale, tenancy, possession, crops, insurance, minerals, water all will be addressed and announced day of the sale. We are all business when we conduct an auction, as the broker, I make all announcements, the auctioneer takes bids and so do I so we can double check where we are with the bidding. Buyers will know what's going on, our auctioneer (Cameron Roth) is very easy to under stand.

Mixing and Matching- The game that so many auctioneers are using today. This has become a very common place, but is also very disliked. Companies utilizing this like to make a great big performance out of all of this mixing and matching, and it takes a great deal of time to execute. Results has conducted many multi parcel sales, not once have we mixed and matched, but every time we set new record highs for the area as individual buyers got to compete for the parcel they wanted knowing that there was no danger of mixing. Let me explain a bit further, if you are planning to go to sale with 5 parcels, you are very interested in 1 of them, you will bid your highest and best offer knowing that someone can combine with another parcel and take your bid out? Or, would you prefer to go to an auction where you plainly know the rules of engagement and can bid your best and highest bid knowing that when you are done, you are the new owner?

Combining Parcels- Another variation of what I just described above, this has got to be very popular as well with many companies, Results does NOT operate with this practice. Again, let's take a 5 parcel auction, 4 parcels bid on individually, the 5th is all parcels together. Sounds pretty cool huh, not so much actually. As sellers agents, we are supposed to be working for the seller, and that means maximizing the sellers return, combining parcels is not the tool for that. So, again you want parcel #1, are you going to bid your highest and best offer knowing that you have the chance of getting taken OUT AT THE END? of course not, at least that is what every buyer I have ever talked to tells me, that they feel these types of sales are geared towards one large buyer and all other buyers are alienated.

Buyers Premium- Another big fad, mostly with personal property auctioneers, but, some real estate companies are doing this as well, here is how it works: This has become a big sales tool for agencies who apparently have nothing else to offer other than, it won't cost you a thing!!!!! WOW, that is so cool, lets take a closer look. Recently Joyce Ellen and I were in continuing education classes and one of the agents there was talking about buyers premium and what a great deal it is. Every agent in the room was not convinced, so he went on to tell us that, "yeah, buyers don't like it buy they get used to it and bid appropriately." He went on to tell us all how they got 10% buyers premium and the buyers just adjust by that much. So, this company is charging nearly double of any other legitimate company, the seller gets at least 10% under the market value- as a sellers agent, how is this looking out for the seller? It is plain as day to me, the companies with buyers premiums have nothing to offer other than offering a seller no commission as they have nothing else to talk about, things like advertising, sales history premium placement of your property. Again, another fad, and another bad alternative that gives good brokers a black eye.

Call us old fashioned if you like, but we like to have clear, concise, professional auctions, solid preparation, advertising, and addressing all aspects of the land and accentuating the properties assets is what we do. Apparently from the results of our sales, this works pretty darn well.

Advertising-Results has made the decision to come up with a uniform sliding scale of commission so all parties will be treated the same, and no one pays an advertising allowance. That's right, you read correctly, we do not charge an advertising allowance to our clients. Results advertises 24-7-365 days a year, those are built in costs of doing business. Our philosophy is that we are in the real estate business every day, not just when we get a seller wanting to auction off a property. What I am trying to say is this, Results is in the market every day, we advertise every day, other auction companies all want an advertising allowance and that is the only time you will ever see them. Our commitment to our client is to get their property marketed to the right audience and be in front of that audience every day.


Why you Should choose Results Realty, LLC to conduct your auction:

Advertising: Results Realty, LLC advertises all across South Central Kansas, 24-7, 365 days a year. This sets us apart from our competitors. Most auction companies only advertise when they get a listing, and the client pays for that advertising. We believe our clients' property needs a comprehensive advertising strategy directed at the land market in South Central Kansas. Websites utilized (nearly 800) are specific to agriculture and recreational land interests, as are the print media. Results has this advertising in effect year round - keeping buyers in contact with us as to what's for sale, what is coming up for sale, values, trends etc.

Our strategy works. Our sales numbers prove it over and over again. You simply cannot achieve the best possible price if you do not reach the right buyer and we have bridged those gaps. One additional note on advertising allowances - Results reimburses our sellers of any funds we did not use in marketing their property. If we go over our budget, we pay the difference. See how many of our competitors will offer you this - NONE.

Market Knowledge: Results Realty, LLC will provide comps specific to what you are wanting to market to make a educated analysis of your property - not hot air of how high it can go and then a big push to get you to sign and write a check. Results Realty, LLC has conducted auctions throughout South Central Kansas. We have produced record-setting values for many of our clients. This just does not happen with the luck of the draw. We work the markets hard; we don't just put out a sign. We direct mail the area, advertise to that specific market, and of course place it on our network of land related websites. We do the preliminary market analysis long before the sale gets advetised so we know what values for the area are and who the buyers for that particular area are.

Land Specific Knowledge: Results Realty, LLC is a Land Company. Over 80% of our sales volume is land transactions. We are very focused on this specific segment of the real estate industry and we plan to stay in this market. In the real estate world of agents, there are very good residential agents, very good commercial agents, and very good land agents. All three of these are very different markets. You most certainly would not hire a commercial agent to handle a house sale, and you most certainly should not hire a residential agent to sell land. I have yet to meet any agent who is proficent in all three of these individual fields, yet many auctioneers claim to specialize in house wares, blue glass ware, farm machinery, antiques, collectibles, and commercial, residential and agricultural land sales, this is hard to imagine that one person can be such a authority in all of these different markets!!!!!!!

All of the above mentioned are totally different markets with completely different areas of expertise and advertising exposure. Results is not a personal property auction house. We are not in the farm machinery business. We are in the LAND BUSINESS.

Compare before you sign: Results Realty, LLC offers much more than I am publishing on our site. I am confident of the services we provide, and you simply will not find a company that offers the marketing and promotion that our company does. There are plenty of big promises out there, but performance and service speak volumes above the rest. Give us a call - you will see the difference.

About Auctions:

What will you need to bring to the Auction? Your check book. We require the sucessful bidder to write a check in the amount of 10% of the contract price the day of the sale. This is considered earnest money. It is non-refundable and does apply to final closing costs. When you bid at the auction, all details have been announced. Results furnishes complete information packs prior to the sale. Both hard copy and digital copies are made available at least 30 days prior to the sale. Auction sales are not contingent on financing, but the buyer needs to be ready and able to close in 30 days or less. If the buyer is exersising a 1031, let us know as soon as possible so we can have the additional contract prepared.

Will I be able to understand what is going on at the auction? Will the bidding be clear? YES. Land auctions are different than livestock or personal property auctions. We announce all terms and conditions of the contract prior to starting with bidding There will be no unanswered questions, and we have complete date appropriate to that property, taxes, aerials, soil types, title binder, water data if applicable etc. We will take a recess if a buyer needs one to contract their lender or partner to make a decision, at which time, we will announce what the bid is at that time. You will know where we are with the bidding.

Buyer Broker Representation - Results does not pay a buyer broker compensation, however, we certainly have no problem with a buyer being represented. You will need to compensate your agent.

Results Realty, LLC will make the sale very clear - No dog and pony shows of combining, mixing and matching of parcels unless previously advertised. We have conducted many multi-parcel sales. We sold them on a per tract basis, giving everyone an equal chance on each parcel, rather than combining and leaving only one person at the top to take out all of the other bidders. We firmly believe this gives a much more level playing field for all buyers and results in higher per tract values for our sellers.

What are the Advantages of a Auction?

- All Buyers have equal opportunity to bid and buy

- All pertinent information about property has been researched for your review

- Speed and efficiency of purchase

- You determine the price that you are willing to pay


-Auctions give you a timeline to work with-perhaps you have another property you want to exchange into and need a definite timeline to excersise a 1031 Exchange.

-Reduces holding costs

-Creates a sense of urgency to buyers

-No Contingencies- No inspections cost to the seller

-No Ceiling price - your property may very well sell for more than you expected

-No Financing contingencies - buyers have come prepared to buy that day

-Closing in 30 days or less after the auction


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